Like a constellation in the sky

Ancient people used constellations to relate stories of their beliefs, experiences and mythology. Celebrate who you are. Find personal meaning. Discover your place in the universe and commemorate it with our star-sign necklaces

Stars and distant planets

The ancient Greeks believed the stars were the homes of bright spirits who once had lived on Earth. Today, show how much your spirit shines with one of our many star-inspired pieces and dream of wandering to worlds far, far away.

Nebula - the pillar of creation.

It’s in nebulous clouds that matter accumulates and eventually coalesces to give birth to stars – it’s a beautiful thing, creation – and especially when it results from such a brilliant light show. With our jewelry, wear the light of creativity with you wherever you may roam.

Your personal universe of jewelry awaits…

Astrological signs. Stars. Galactic clusters. Dotted with diamonds. Powerful pieces, bursting with meaning and inspired by the wonders of space